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Frequently Asked Questions

How many preschool classes are at Rockaway Valley school?

There are two classes. At Rockaway Valley School, special needs and typically developing preschoolers come together in an inclusive classroom where language, academic and social skills are developed in a nurturing environment.

Mrs. Formato and Mrs. Reitter have been teaching cooperatively in one classroom for the past four years. Although there are two separate rosters and parents know exactly who to directly communicate with about their child – on a daily basis, we are just one big cohesive group. Each teacher takes turns leading the class while the other can focus more on individual skills with the students. There are also two para-professionals in the classroom making the teacher to student ratio one of the top reasons this program is so successful!

What are the days and times for the preschool?

The preschool follows the same calendar as the rest of the school. All of RVS begins the same day, has the same days off, half days, parent conferences and last day of school.   Parents may enroll their child in a three (T, W, TH), four (M, T, W, TH) or five day program.

Preschool times are as follows:

Full (regular) day: 8:30am - 1:30pm.    

Early dismissal: 11:15 am      

Delayed opening: 10:30am.

Do I need to live in Boonton Township for my child to attend the preschool?

No. Children from neighboring towns may attend the program as well.

What will my child need on the first day of school?

On the first day of school your child will need:

Backpack: large enough to carry a folder and lunch

Extra clothes: a set of seasonal clothes: shirt, pants, underwear, socks

Lunch: children can bring a lunch or purchase a hot lunch through the school web page

Do you have snack time?

No.  Our mornings are very busy with calendar time, morning work, a special (like art) and small group instruction. The children arrive at 8:30am and before we know it - we are getting ready for lunch at 11am!

Where do the students each lunch?

The students eat lunch in the classroom at 11am each day. There are teachers in the classroom to assist them with opening containers, encourage healthy eating and good manners. We do not have a microwave in the classroom to warm food. Lunches should be packed in lunch boxes with ice packs if necessary.

Where do I drop off my child each morning?  

Children are dropped off at the school door at the Glenborne Street entrance.  The teachers will be waiting to retrieve your child from your car.  It is the same procedure at the end of the day - pull up by the door and the teacher will walk them to you. Drop off is at 8:30am and pick-up is at 1:30pm.

Can my child ride the bus?

Busing availability is determined year to year. Special needs students with an IEP are given first priority and then the transportation coordinator will contact the other families to assess interest. Bussing will be determined in August.

What happens in the classroom?

Our classroom routine remains as consistent as possible so that the children know what to expect on any given day.  They arrive at 8:30am and independently prepare for the school day by hanging up their coats and emptying their backpacks.  Then they learn about their jobs for the day and review the schedule.  After saying the Pledge of Allegiance and singing "This Land is Your Land", we discuss the calendar, count days, sing about the days of the week, name holidays and birthdays.  Each morning there is a "special" like gym or art to attend that is taught by a certified teacher. 

Specials : These classes are taught by the general education teachers at RVS.

Monday  : Oral Motor Speech Group

Tuesday  : Physical Education

Wednesday : Music  

Thursday:   Art 

Friday:   Physical Education + Library

What curriculum do you use in the classroom?

  Handwriting Without Tears

The Creative Curriculum

In our classroom, we use a variety of curriculums to meet the needs of all the children. Small group lessons are taught during the mornings and follow   themes. Phonemic awareness, letter identification, math, and cognitive skills are addressed during these lessons. These lessons are heavily based on literature.

The preschool also uses Handwriting Without Tears as a sensory approach to teaching fine motor and pre-handwriting skills. The children will continue to use Handwriting Without Tears approach through fourth grade at RVS to develop manuscript, cursive and even typing skills. 

In the afternoon, the children make choices about the areas they would like to play following The Creative Curriculum . Teacher facilitation is used to address academic skills in an age-appropriate play setting.  Social skills and turn-taking are also a focus at this time.  Time on the playground is allotted at the end of the day for the children to run and develop large muscle groups.