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Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts with Mrs. Mongon
      Rules for success in 8th grade:
  1. Be respectful of yourself, your classmates, 
      and your classroom.
  2. Be prepared with your homework,
      classwork, and supplies, and be prepared to
      think, read, write, and share.
  3. Be open to new ideas and new strategies.
                                                                                              4. Have fun! Find the joys in
                                                                                                   reading and writing! 
**** Please see the "Distance Learning" tab. All 8th grade language arts work will be posted daily in Google Classroom.****
Extra Help Times
Tuesday and Thursday Mornings
7:17-7:37 A.M.
As a mom, teacher, and coach, I believe in teamwork.  Your child, my student, is paramount in terms of social, emotional, and academic growth.  Please contact me with any questions and/or concerns: