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Welcome to Mrs. Bartel's Webpage!!

All are welcomed to the Annual Upper Grade Winter Concert on Tuesday, December 9th at 7 pm

Our Annual 4th and 5th Grade Concert is Friday, December 13th at 9 am 

Please find information about classes and Chorus information on my website.

All students will be able to find music for their concerts and performances. The music is located on the left hand side of my page, in the appropriate grade level for the student.

On Mrs. Bartel's Website, students in Middle School will be able to check out information on what they are learning in music class, as well as resources and information.


Mrs. Bartel is available for extra help on

Mondays, 7:17-7:37am 

and Tuesdays, 7:17-7:37am


Classroom expectations:

In music class, students should always:

-Be on time

-Be respectful

-Be positive

-Follow directions

-Enjoy music!


If there are any questions, please email me at