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5 th /6 th Class Supply Lists

                                                                  2018 – 2019        

5 th Grade

Language Arts

1” binder with 5 tabs/dividers



Red folder
Red notebook (You will probably need more than I for the entire year.  Either buy a few or get a 5-subject RED notebook just for math.)
Many sharpened pencils
Duct Tape-can be plain or a fun pattern-to cover your workbook



One two-pocket folder


5 th /6 th Grade


Pen and pencils

Social Studies

Marble covered notebook
Pencils – no mechanical pencils
1 purple book sock (jumbo/extra large)


1 spiral-bound notebook
1 green book sock (extra large)-5th grade only
5 pkgs. 3x5 notecards – bring 1 pkg. on the first day
pencils – no mechanical pencils
1 (1 1/2") binder (6th grade only)


pocket folder

6 th Grade

Language Arts

½” binder with 4 tabs/dividers
3 hole punched loose leaf paper (to go in binder)
2 sharpened pencils  per day



1 - RED 2 pocket folder with holes to fit in binder
One - 2 1/2" WHITE three ring binder with clear front cover pocket
1 - RED spiral 3-subject notebook
20 or more sharpened pencils 
2 erasers
2 pens (red and blue)
2 skinny expo markers (any color except yellow)
1 pencil case (with holes to fit inside binder)
1 marble composition book


One two-pocket folder
Book Sock
Loose-leaf paper


Mrs. Klesitz

5 th  and 6th Grade

**Please note: The supply list on this page is for Replacement Language Arts and Math ONLY if you have Mrs. Klesitz as your teacher for these classes**

5th and 6th Grade Replacement Language Arts

One 1½” blue binder
3 hole punched lined paper (reinforced is best)
Blue folder
Wooden pencils – no mechanical pencils
pencil case that has 3 rings to go inside the binder


5th and 6th Grade Replacement Math

One 1½” red binder
red notebook (3 subject suggested)
red folder
wooden pencils – no mechanical pencils
pencil case that has 3 rings to go inside the binder