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School Supplies


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For School: 

Supplies will not be shared among children.  Pencils will be sent home each week to be sharpened and replenished if needed.  We will also inform you when any item on your child’s supply list is in need of replenishing. Please clearly label all items with your child’s name. 

  • 1 dozen Ticonderoga pencils (sharpened) 

  • 1 package 24 crayola crayons

  • 1 folder (any design)

  • 2 glue sticks

  • 1 highlighters

  • 1 pair of scissors

  • 1 soft zipper supply/pencil pouch (our desks are not deep)

  • 1 box of 8 washable colored markers

  • Mini hand sanitizer (optional)


For Home:  

Items marked with a * will be needed at home if we are in the school building as usual and only completing daily homework at home . ALL items will be needed in a Distance Learning situation. 

  • Pencils*

  • Crayons*

  • 1 Folder

  • Glue sticks

  • Highlighter

  • Scissors

  • Supply pouch

  • Lined notebook (Ideally your notebook will have at least 3 sections for Math, Reading, and Writing. Or you may choose to have 3 separate notebooks, one for each subject.)