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School Supplies

Kindergarten Supply List for 2020-2021

  • *A supply box like this labeled with your child's name. * NOTE:  The supply box needs to be bigger than the standard 8" x 5" supply boxes.  Students will not be sharing supplies and need to keep all of their own supplies (those listed here and a large box of crayons, large glue stick and pencils) in the supply box.

  • *A pack of color pencils (sharpened) like this

  • *A pack of washable markers like this

  • A backpack

  • A lunchbox ​/bag

  • One zippered pouch like this to be kept in your child's backpack. Your child will keep this in his/her backpack to store flashcards for our high frequency words.

  • *one pair of kid-sized blunt tip scissors like these

The school will supply everything else that is needed. Please label all supplies.

* Please put the markers, color pencils, and scissors inside the plastic supply box.


Please send your child to school everyday with a small, nutritious snack. Most days we eat snack at around 10:00am. It is helpful if the snack is labeled "snack" so your child knows what is for snack and what is for lunch.

Please send in a spare set of clothing (a pair of pants, a shirt, socks, and undergarments) in case of an accident.