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School Supplies

Kindergarten Supply List for 2020-2021


  • *A supply box like this labeled with your child's name. * NOTE:  The supply box needs to be bigger than the standard 8" x 5" supply boxes.  Students will not be sharing supplies and need to keep all of their own supplies (those listed here and a large box of crayons, large glue stick and pencils) in the supply box.

  • *A pack of color pencils (sharpened) like this

  • *A pack of washable markers like this

  • A backpack

  • One zippered pouch like this to be kept in your child's backpack. Your child will keep this in his/her backpack to store flashcards for our high frequency words.

  • *one pair of kid-sized blunt tip scissors like these

  • one can of Play Doh

  • School Supplies needed for at home (do not send to school): a can of Play Doh, scissors, crayons, markers, glue sticks, and writing pencils.

* The school will supply everything else that is needed. Please label all supplies with your child's name.

* Please put the markers, color pencils, and scissors inside the plastic supply box.



We will be having a short snack time each day.  The plan is for snack time to take place outdoors, under a tent so that we can still have a snack if it’s raining.  Kindergarteners should only bring in ONE thing for a snack that they can open/eat/clean up without assistance.  Children will bring their water bottles for snack time so please do not pack an extra drink or juice box.  Everyone will wash hands before we leave the classroom and when we return.  We will have the children bring their backpacks outside during this time so they can easily carry everything.  They can put their masks in their backpacks while they are eating to keep them clean and safe.  We will make sure that social distancing is happening while the students are not wearing their masks.  Since this is also a mask break time, children can bring in a small toy/ game (no electronics) that they can play with independently after they are finished eating.  If you are not comfortable with your child removing his/her mask outside, please email me and talk to your child so he/she is aware.

Please send in an extra set of clothing (a pair of pants, a shirt, socks, and undergarments) in case of an accident. ​​ Your child will need to independently be able to change themselves. Please practice at home.​​​​

Shoes - Due to distancing, teachers will not be able to tie shoelaces that come untied.  Please make sure your child can tie his/her own shoes or choose shoes that do not have laces (slip ons or velcro).

Please have your child practice wearing their mask for a long period of time.

Kindergarteners should bring in a filled water bottle (water only - no juice, milk, etc.) every day.  Label the water bottle with your child’s name.  Your child will bring this back home each day.

Please have your child wear a name tag on the first day of school (first and last name, Ms. Kuhl).

Please put a transportation tag on your child's backpack:

  1. If your child will be riding the bus home from school, write on the tag: Your child's first and last name, Ms. Kuhl - Kindergarten, bus name, bust stop number and  location.​
  2. If your child will be going to the after care program, write on the tag: RVS KidCare.
  3. If your child will be getting picked up everyday, write on the tag: Pick Up.