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Welcome to our home page! Here you will find information helpful to all art students and families at RVS.  

Art Room Rules:  Students sit at assigned color coded tables.  Each class has a folder at each table containing student work. Students will return materials where found.  Students are responsible for washing brushes & tools as needed. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and respectful manner in the art room, including appropriate use of materials.  Students are reminded to wear clothing that may get dirty or wear a smock/apron.  Students are reminded to frequently wash hands/use hand sanitizer as materials are shared in this classroom. 

We are currently collecting: Bubble Wrap* and shoe boxes!

*Occasionally we collect recycled (such as egg cartons or yogurt containers) or donated items (such as paper plates or wrapping paper) for certain projects. Please check back frequently to see if there is anything you can send in.  We appreciate the help!


Projects = 50% (based on 100pts/project)

Weekly Participation/Behavior = 30% (based on 10pts/class)

Safe & Appropriate Use of Materials = 20% (based on 100pts/marking period)


My extra help times for 2018-2019 are Tuesday & Thursday afternoons, Friday mornings or by appointment.  Students must inform when attending.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to volunteer your time in the art room, you can e-mail me at  E-mail is the fastest & best way to reach me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.