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Second Grade

January News


     The second marking period is coming to a close soon. Please look for the digital report cards on Genesis on January 29, 2020. You can log in to see your child's report card. If you have issues gaining access, please contact the office. 


Continue to practice math facts to twenty in addition and subtraction. We have the facts down as a function of computation but need to improve speed and accuracy. Our goal is 40 problems in a minute. 


We have been learning to add and subtract two digit numbers with and without regrouping. Please  practice this type of computation when you see "real world opportunities" to solve this kind of problem. For example, if you spend $65.24 on groceries this week, and $42.36 on groceries last week, have your child find the total for the two weeks, or find the difference by subtracting to see how much more was spent this week. 


We are also working in siting the text, finding evidence of where the answer is found in a paragraph. The homework in the new year will reflect this practicie. It will also require that an answer is restating the question asked. For example, if the question was, "Why did Corduroy go up the escalator?" Your child will be expected to answer such as, "Corduroy went up the escalator to the bedding department to find a button for his overalls."

This is an important skill that is expected to be mastered for third grade. 


Please remember that in second grade you

will have homework Monday through Thursday night, every week, as noted on the homework planner in your yellow folder. It is due the NEXT day that we have school. Homework also includes reading each night for 20 minutes to apply the skills and strategies we are learning in class. 



Our class visited Foster Fields Farms this month. We learned about the barn in winter through the programs they offered. We will also saw how cookies were baked on an open hearth as well as the types of decorations used to celebrate the Winter Holidays. A good portion of the field trip was spent outdoors. The weather was pleasant for most of the trip and we had a picnic lunch under the pavillion until the wind picked up. After that we boarded the bus and came home. It was a very nice trip. 


Box Top Donations are due on Monday, December 2nd,  for the 2nd contest of the school year. Digital and hard copy box tops are both accepted. Your support is appreciated. See below for more information. 


Thank you to the HSA for the delcious ice cream treats provided to our class for winning the first collection contest for Box Tops. Keep up the great work!


Box Tops are an easy way for RVS to get funds for playground equipment and other items that directly benefit the children. Please save your box tops and send them to school in September. The Box Top people are now creating a way to record your donation with an app.  The link with directions is posted below. Remember to scan your grocery receipt as soon as you get more clipping! Please continue to collect them and send them in at your earliest convenience. It is very exciting to the children and benefits everyone. If you still have box tops that have been clipped, they are still valid and should be sent in before the expiration date.


It is also a great, easy fundraiser for RVS. Eveyone benefits from the box tops that are on products you already purchase. Thank you for your help!

To find which products have the Box Top stamp, please click on the link below.


Thank you to the volunteers on HSA who organize and submit these for the benefit of the students. Keep saving Box Tops for Education on the sheet sent home in your child's folder. Each box top is worth 10¢ to our school. One sheet of ten coupons is worth a dollar.  


     Please sign your child's

homework folder each night.

The folder needs your initials each night, Monday through Friday to confirm you have seen the graded papers, tests, and assignments for the day as well as the Behavior Stamp. It is an important message to your child that Home and School is working together to provide the best education possible for the students. 


     Please remember to review the Point and Practice math facts a few minutes each night to build speed and accuracy. The more confident your child is the easier it will be as we move  into two-digit addition and subtraction in the second marking period. Car rides are a great opportunity to quiz your captive audience.


     Every sentence begins with a capital letter. All sentences end with a punctuation mark. We have been working on following these rules every time we write. Statements, commands, questions, and exclamatory sentences require different punctuation. Have your child proofread the sentences he/she writes to make sure they contain the proper mechanics.



 Look under

Document Manager


Useful Links

for resources to reinforce the skills we have focused on this year. 


     Points to Remember During the School Year:

  We have snack every day around 9:30. Please send in a healthy snack and beverage with your child on ALL days, even delayed openings and early dismissal days. Snacks may NOT be shared due to potential allergies in the class.

  Ask your child regularly if supplies such as pencils and gluesticks need to be replenished. We work hard and the supplies often need replacing monthly. A good rule of thumb is to send in the replacements on School Spirit Day, the first school day of each month. 

  Keep the Homework Planner in the back of the yellow folder until the end of the marking period. I will then remove it at the start of the new quarter.  It is meant to be a cumulative tool.


  Spelling lists for the year are posted in the Document Manager section of this web page. Feel free to get a head start.

   Any month with an "R" in the spelling of the name of the month requires jackets and sweaters. Please dress appropriately and remind your child to bring a jacket/gloves, when necessary. Label all clothing with your child's name so any misplaced items can be returned.

   You can find the assignments posted on the front cover of the yellow homework folder or on our web page under Homework for the Week tab on the left side of our web page. Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday evening and it is expected that it is returned on the next school day.


   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached via email, folder notes, or voicemail. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to a wonderful year working with you and your child.


  If you have a change of plan for your child's routine at the end of the day, please call the office. I may not be able to check the email or voicemail if messages are left after 1:30. You can leave the message for me, but also call Mrs. Debby Cuozzo at

x 369 to be sure the message is received. 




Voicemail: 973-334-4162 x203

If you would like to see something added to our web page, please let me know what you would find helpful. 
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