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Extension: 246

Other information and policies:

Preparation Materials: math notebook section, pencils, highlighter

Classroom Expectations:
Follow directions the first time they are given.
Treat each person in this school with respect and dignity.
Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the school’s handbook.


1st: Warning
2nd: Detention & Documentation
3rd: Disciplinary Referral & Parental Contact

Attendance: Students who are absent are responsible for missed notes (found in filing cabinet), missed homework (found on website, or from classmate), and missed assessments (to be scheduled and completed within 1 week of return).

Extra Help: Extra help hours will occur weekly on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 to 2:50 PM. I may be available other days for extra help, but prefer by appointment.

Connect-Ed Portal: Online portal found at . Student access to the textbook, assignments, and other resources. Username is first initial, last name, -rvs (example: bmonaco-rvs). Password is falcon1

This Week’s Homework/Assignments: T his Week’s Homework and Assignments are sections found on my website (address on the back). Almost any assignment may be accessed online by opening the appropriate pdf file. This means even if the assignment is misplaced, or not brought home, there is still a way for the assignment to be completed.

Grading Policy:

55% Primary Assessments (Chapter Tests, Study Island, Notebook Checks, and the Mid-Term/Final)
Tests: Single-page, multi-page, written and electronic response assessments which cover a portion or a full unit’s objectives using multiple choice, multiple response, short answer, and open-ended
questions. Chapter tests will each occur once approximately every month.

Study Island: Year-long, web-based assessment consistent with the Common Core Standards of Mathematics. This review for the PARCC will be graded, and will be applied to fourth marking period.

Notebook Checks: Notebook checks are used each marking period to ensure that you are keeping up with notes in an organized fashion. You will need to get a one-inch three ring binder. Notebook checks will occur once every marking period.

Mid-Term & Final: Cumulative, multi-page assessment which cover approximately half the curriculum for 7th grade using multiple choice, short answer, and open-ended questions. The midterm will occur in January, and the final will occur in June.

30% Secondary Assessments (Section Quizzes)
Section Quizzes: Half-page, single-page written response assessments which cover multiple objectives for a unit using multiple choice and short answer questions. Section quizzes will occur
approximately once per week..

15% Supportive Assessments (Homework)
Homework: Assigned questions consisting of problems from the textbook or from worksheets consistent with the unit’s objectives. Scoring for each assignment is based on an “attempt all (100%)
or nothing (0%)” completion policy.

An attempt is when students form answers or questions in response to all problems. Each response should be adequate evidence that the problem was read and stimulated thought .

Contact Information Work Email:

Voicemail: (973) 334-4162 Ext. 246 Monaco