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Science Homework

Science Textbook Sign-In

(use this link to access the online version of the textbook)

** Check in with me to see if you are missing any work!**

Be sure to check Google Classroom DAILY for assignments. 

Seventh Grade
  • Monday: No School
  • Tuesday: Complete the "What is Life: Review and Reinforce" worksheet
  • Wednesday: Study for the Chapter 1 Lesson 1 Quiz
  • Thursday: Chapter 1 Lesson 2 Vocabulary; Classification BrainPop
  • Friday: 
Eighth Grade
  • Monday: No School
  • Tuesday: None
  • Wednesday: Please complete the Graphing Variables assignment
  • Thursday: Graphing Variables Pt. 2
  • Friday: 
Mrs. Savage






All assignments will be posted on Google classroom.  Invitations to join my math google classrooms have been sent to all 8th grade students' RVS gmail accounts.

Mrs. Mongon

Wednesday, September 23

Revised summer reading journal response due


Friday, September 25

8-M and 8-S - notes on the elements of drama (literary, performance, and technical) are due on 9/25.


Mrs. Lehman English Homework

7th Grade Language Arts Homework

Ladd Turner History Homework
7th Grade
Please see Distance Learning Tab on website.  All work posted in google classroom.
8th Grade

Please see Distance Learning Tab ob website.  All work posted in google classroom.

Students are encouraged to edit and resubmit DBQ for higher grade. Conferences were held with Mr. Turner.

Spanish Homework

**Please check Google Classroom each day for assignments.  

ALWAYS use to look up words or phrases you don't know!


Homework for the Week of:  Sept. 29- Oct. 2

7th Grade   

  • M- No Hay Clases

  • T- No Hay Tarea

  • W- Actividad #4 ¡Leamos! worksheet     

  • Th- 

  • F - No Hay Tarea

  • Weekend: ¡Que tengan un buen fin de semana!

8th Grade 

  • M- No Hay Clases

  • T- AR Verbs Review worksheet (Google Classroom)

  • W- Activity #14 page 10 in online book (answer on GC worksheet)      

  • Th- 

  • F - No Hay Tarea

  • Weekend:¡Que tengan un buen fin de semana!

Kellie Milos Homework

Please refer to the
LA Google Classroom 
and the 

Math Google Classroom
for specific assignments. 

Bryan Monaco

For the remainder of the school year, please refer to the Distance Learning tab and my Google Classroom for the most up to date classwork, homework, and assessments.

Mrs. Gaffney Homework
Craig Ellard
Students should be physically active EVERYDAY!!!

Health Homework - 8th Grade
Thanks for a great year in 8th grade health.  Have a great summer!


You will need for health class:
1.  Notebook
2. Folder
3.  Writing Utensil (pen or pencil)
4.  A positive attitude!!!
Mrs. Scarfone

Go to your Google Classroom for homework information, or click on the link below to see what's due.

Music Homework