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Science Homework


Seventh Grade
1/14:  Study for your science midterm, which is given TOMORROW.
1/15 and 1/16:  Study for your other midterms.
1/17:  Finish the chapter review, pages 35-37.  Skip 11 and 20.  Your chapter test on this chapter will take place next THURSDAY.
1/18:  Finish the class work, "Practice Chapter Test," and Key terms.  Graded.
Eighth Grade
1/14:  Study for tomorrow's science midterm. 
1/15:  Study for the other midterms.
1/17:  Read and do pages 88-95, due on Tuesday.
1/18:  Read and do pages 96-103, due on Wednesday.  Periodic Table square quiz, next Friday.
Mrs. O'Connor's Help Times are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
If you left your book at home, remember that you can access the on-line version of our book by going to:
User name: Fredafalcon (First F is a capital, the rest is lowercase)
Password:  happy2018
Mr. Cocca

Test on Chapters 4.1-4.3 will be on Wednesday, January 9th.  Please use your study guides to prepare.

The math midterm will be on Thursday, January 17th in the morning.  A study-guide will be provided at least a week in advance for the midterm.

Homework will be listed under the date it is assigned.  If there is no homework for a certain night, you will not see anything listed.


Monday, January 7:

8C & 8M:  Homework 4.3:  1-6 (all), 10, 11

8O:  No homework

Friday, January 4:  

8O:  Homework 4.3:  1-6 (all), 10, 11

8C & 8M:  No homework

Wednesday, December 19th:

All classes:  HW 4.2 odd only

Tuesday, December 18th:

8M:  HW 4.2  1-11 (odd)

8C & 8O:  None

Monday, December 17th:

8O:  HW 4.1 (all)

8M and 8C:  No homework

Friday, December 14th:

8C and 8M:  HW 4.1 (all)

8O:  No Homework



Mrs. Mongon

All classes:

1. Independent book projects due by January 22.

2. Test on literary devices on Thursday, January 24.



Mrs. Lehman English Homework

7th Grade Language Arts Homework

  • Prepare for notebook check on Wednesday 1/23. 
  • Study for The Giver Vocabulary Test on Wednesday 1/23. 
Ladd Turner History Homework
7th Grade

Midterm Wednesday

8th Grade

Midterm Wednesday


Current 7th Grade Unit -  New Nation
Current 8th Grade Unit -  Reconstruction
Spanish Homework

Homework will usually not be given on the weekends.  However, from time to time, you may need to use the weekend to complete a project or study for a quiz/test.

I will make sure to keep this homework section up to date, however, please be sure to ALWAYS check our board in the classroom for the MOST up to date homework!

**Extra Help Hours** 

Tuesdays 7:17-7:37 AM and 2:31-2:51 PM

Use to look up words or phrases you don't know!


Homework for the Week of: Jan. 14, 2019

7th Grade   

  • M- 

  • T- 

  • W- 

  • Th- 

  • F - Study for Unit 4, Lesson 1 vocabulary Test **TUESDAY, JAN. 22**

  • Weekend: ¡Que tengas un buen fin de semana!

8th Grade 

  • M- 

  • T- 

  • W- 

  • TH- 

  • F - No Hay Tarea

  • Weekend:¡Que tengas un buen fin de semana!

Kellie Milos Homework

Week of: Jan 21-25

LA: Books used: Common Core Progress (CCP), Vocabulary Achieve (VA), Grammar for Writing (GfW) (click to access online text)

MON- VA, Unit 8, Set B: Due Tue 1/22; School Appropriate song lyrics - DUE TUES (see classroom) 
TUEVA, Unit 8, Combined Activities: Due Wed 1/23


Pearson Math (click to access online text)

MON- No School



Bryan Monaco

This Week's HW: Week of January 21st

Next Assessment

Topic 6 Mid Unit Assessment: Thursday, Jan. 24th

Weekend pg 335-336, #7-17 (odd), pick 4
Mon pg 335-336, #7-17 (odd), pick 4
Tues finish pg 335-336, #7-17 (odd), pick 4
Wed pg 341-342, #6-17 (skip 4), Mid Topic Quiz Thursday
Thur pg 347-348, #7-17 (odd)
Fri pg 355-356, #6-17 (skip 4)


Next Assessment

Topic 6 Mid Unit Assessment: Thursday, Jan. 24th

Weekend pg 335-336, #7-17 (odd)
Mon pg 335-336, #7-17 (odd)
Tues pg 341-342, #6-17 (skip 4)
Wed pg 347-348, #7-17 (odd), Mid Topic Quiz Thursday
Thur No HW
Fri pg 355-356, #6-17 (skip 4)


Next Assessment

Topic 6 Mid Unit Assessment: Thursday, Jan. 24th

Weekend Test Corrections from Topic 5
Mon finish pg 335-335, #7-17 (odd), pick 4
Tues pg 335-336, #7-17 (odd), pick 4
Wed pg 341-342, #6-17 (skip 4), Mid Topic Quiz Thursday
Thur pg 347-348, #7-17 (odd)
Fri pg 355-356, #6-17 (skip 4)
Mrs. Gaffney Homework
WEEK OF 1/14-1/18 6th Grade Health: no homework 7th Grade Health: Lesson 9 page 11 in your DARE homework book due Mon 1/28.
Craig Ellard
Students should be physically active EVERYDAY!!!

Health Homework - 8th Grade
Please check the parent portal for any missing assignments
8O -  
8C -   
8M -  


You will need for health class:
1.  Notebook
2. Folder
3.  Writing Utensil (pen or pencil)
4.  A positive attitude!!!
Mrs. Scarfone

8th Grade Homework 

Week of 1/14/18


  • None

​​*REMEMBER: Copy of classroom notes and answer keys can be found in Google Classroom 


  • The Boy Who Dared
    • Literary Analysis will be worked on IN class
  • Bring your independent novel book to class DAILY
    • Google Slides Presentation Due Thursday 1/24
Music Homework