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Mrs. Lisa Gemma Homework

     6th Grade Language Arts       


Enjoy Spring Break...

and Chapters 17 & 18 of The Children of Willesden Lane...
(and don't forget to complete the reaction page for them too)


Mrs. Scivetti


The week of March 11th
New Novel Unit - "Maniac Magee"
Students are to read chapters 26-36 and write a journal entry for each chapter.  
There will be a quiz on Monday when we return from break : 0












Mrs. Karen Flaherty Homework

"It's not what you know. It's what you can prove." - Training Day

Week of March 11, 2019 ☘️

Monday: Study Guide due tomorrow. 5FL & 5S: Test on topic 12 on Wednesday, 3/13. 5FR: Test on Thursday 3/14.

Tuesday:  Mystery Packet due on Friday. 5FL & 5S: Test on topic 12 on Wednesday, 3/13. 5FR: Test on Thursday 3/14.

Wednesday: There is no homework assignment for today. Please use tonight to study for upcoming tests, work on projects or writing assignments, or catch up on any work you have. Mystery Packet due on Friday. 5FR: Test on Thursday 3/14.

Thursday: Mystery Packet due on Friday.

Friday:  Have a great vacation! ☘️ There is no homework the week of 3/18 for Spring Break.

Most workbook pages can be found on this site! You can print out all Practice pages if you log into the math textbook too! (To get to the websites, copy the link and paste it in a new tab. It works better!)



Mrs. Collinson Homework

There are no homework assignments on Wednesdays. Please use those nights to study for upcoming tests, work on projects or writing assignments, or catch up on any work you have. 


5th Grade

M 3/11     Study guide (will be completed in class).

W 3/13    Quiz on water cycle, weather, and precipitation.

                A list of the sources for the information needed for the 3D model project.

T 3/26     MP3 Astronomy Project due.    Your project will include two parts.  One is the model itself.  You can make it out of whatever material you choose.  The other part is a three-paragraph paper. The first paragraph is an explanation about how you made the model and why you chose that topic.  The next two paragraphs are about the topic itself.  Include lots of interesting information!

Obviously, I will not be there to see these wonderful, amazing creations, so you MUST include a photo of your model and attach it to the written portion.  SUBMIT THE WRITTEN PORTION TO ME IN GOOGLE DRIVE!


6th Grade

T 3/12    Atmosphere quiz.  If you have not already done so, please make sure to complete this quiz so that I can grade it for you.  This was the open-book quiz on pp. 109-111.

W 3/13    A list of the sources for the information needed to build the instruments and for background information.

 T 3/26    Weather Forecasting Project due.   I have altered the project a little.  Instead of needing to take seven days of readings, you will take readings for THREE DAYS ONLY.

Look on my webpage in the sixth grade folder for the documents you will need to complete the project.  There will be a data sheet and a project checklist that details what you will include in the final report.

When you take your readings, write down the data, then go inside to a computer and look up the actual readings for Boonton Township.,, and National Weather Service are all good sites.

Submit the final report to me in Google Drive or Google Classroom.  Have fun!



Mrs. Kozas Homework

If a specific homework assignment IS NOT given, then each student should be reviewing the current chapter we are studying and the vocabulary words.  Vocabulary quizzes are NOT announced but will be given within five (5) days of receiving the new chapter's words.

FYI - Study Guides will be optional for 6th grade ONLY starting the third marking period. If a student completes a study guide, he/she can correct it with me during recess or reinforcement period.  Study Guides will be made available to ALL students in my classroom and online
March 13, 2019

5th Grade - Ch 12 test-Thursday.

6th Grade - Ch 12 test-Thursday.






Spanish Homework

jueves, 3/14/19



Study vocabulary for weather expressions and how to use "gustar" to express likes/dislikes.


1.  Unit 2, Lesson1 test (listening portion only) will be tomorrow, 3/15/19.


Mrs. Stacey Klesitz Homework

Homework Page

Homework will be updated frequently.  Please check your student planner nightly for assignments.  If the website is different than what is written in the student planner, please refer to the planner.  Please email with any questions or concerns should they arise.  Encourage your child to email with any questions; it is a great life skill to practice!

March 15, 2019

5th Grade

Language Arts




6th Grade

Language Arts






Mrs. Savage




Week of 3/18/19


Extended Due Dates

Measuring Up Live assignment (MP3) due Monday 4/1

Topic 5-6 Project due Wednesday 4/10


Nightly Homework






There is no homework assignment for today. Please use tonight to review notes, study for upcoming quizzes, work on projects or written assignments, or catch up on any work that you have.

















Amy Fudala Homework


Victoria Gaffney Homework
WEEK OF 3/4-3/8 6th Grade Health: no homework unless you didn't turn in your Exercise questions pp.60-65 7th Grade Health: no homework unless you didn't turn in: Due 3/4: Read pp. 204-214. Define yellow highlighted words on those pages and Answer questions 1-5 p. 208 and 1-6 p. 214 in complete sentences. Make sure to restate the question.