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Mrs. Lisa Gemma Homework

October 1, 2020

Complete The Fun They Had Google Form and submit ~

due tomorrow

Mrs. Scivetti

The week of September 21st


Language Arts - Finish your short story and submit through our google classroom : )


Vocabulary Due Friday September 25th 

"Free Write" you must use all of your vocabulary words.  If you lost them please go onto the on-line textbook. : )

Submit in person or through our Google Classroom under the "Homework" tab.







Mrs. Karen Flaherty Homework

Week of September 28, 2020 🍎🍏

Cover your textbook with duct tape.

Monday: No homework. 

Tuesday: Textbook Page 69-70 submitted on Google Classroom. 

Wednesday: Textbook Page 75 submitted on Google Classroom. (Take a picture to submit your work.)

Thursday: No homework.

Friday: No homework.

Classroom Notes can be found in this Google Drive folder.

Note: Google classroom assignments are posted in the morning on the day they are assigned.

At the end of the week I will mark assignments that have not been submitted as "missing" on Genesis. When you finish the assignment and submit it, please email me and I will update your grade to give you credit. 

Ms. Ennis Homework
Miss Cuozzo Homework

Week of 9/14/2020


5th Grade Social Studies

*Always review what we learned in class !*  


Tuesday : Finish and submit vocabulary words.



Friday :

Important Dates :


6th Grade Social Studies

*Always review what we learned in class !*  


Tuesday : Quiz tomorrow 9.30.2020 Use TCI to study!


Thursday  Finish and submit vocabulary words// CORRECTIONS DUE TOMORROW! (if you got under a 20)

Friday :

Important Dates :










Spanish Homework




Mrs. Stacey Klesitz Homework


Click Here For Mrs. Klesitz's Homework


Mr. Cocca



Amy Fudala Homework


5TH GRADE: Follow my Google Classroom for notices and assignments.
Go to my Google classroom for assignments.
Victoria Gaffney Homework