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Mrs. Lisa Gemma Homework

     6th Grade Language Arts     


"Summer afternoon...
to me,those have always been the two most beautiful words
in the English language."
                                           - Henry James


Mrs. Scivetti


Summer Reading 

Welcome to 5th Grade!


Your summer reading assignment begins with a fictional novel on a 5th grade reading level that is at least 150 pages in length.


Look over the following questions, and keep them in mind while you read the book you have chosen for this assignment.


When you finish the book, please complete this packet  making certain your responses are as thorough and detailed as possible.


Your answers should fill up all of the lines provided and include specific details from the text whenever possible.


(Picture books, comic books, or graphic novels are not acceptable for this assignment, but sound like fun reading for your own enjoyment :)


Have a safe summer ~ and happy reading!

The file is located at the bottom of this page.















Mrs. Karen Flaherty Homework

Incoming 5th grade students: Go to the Summer Homework Tab on my website to see the summer assignment!


Mrs. Collinson Homework
Mrs. Kozas Homework

If a specific homework assignment IS NOT given, then each student should be reviewing the current chapter we are studying and the vocabulary words.  Vocabulary quizzes are NOT announced but will be given within five (5) days of receiving the new chapter's words.

FYI - Study Guides will be optional for 6th grade ONLY starting the third marking period. If a student completes a study guide, he/she can correct it with me during recess or reinforcement period.  Study Guides will be made available to ALL students in my classroom and online






Spanish Homework
Mrs. Stacey Klesitz Homework

Homework Page

Homework will be updated frequently.  Please check your student planner nightly for assignments.  If the website is different than what is written in the student planner, please refer to the planner.  Please email with any questions or concerns should they arise.  Encourage your child to email with any questions; it is a great life skill to practice!

No More Homework for this School Year!

Be On the Look Out for Summer Math and Reading Assignments!

These assignments can be found on the "Summer Work" page on my webpage.  

Happy Summer!

Mrs. Savage



Week of 9/3/19


Extended Due Dates

Summer Assignment due Tuesday 9/3


Nightly Homework



























Amy Fudala Homework


Victoria Gaffney Homework