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Mrs. Lisa Gemma Homework

     6th Grade Language Arts     


February 21st

Read Chapters 25 & 26 (last two) of The Children of Willesden Lane
for Thursday, February 27th

Science in Society Slideshow due Friday, February 28th ~

hand in rubric with your name on it and "Share" your slides


Mrs. Scivetti


Week of February 19th 2020


Students are starting our new novel unit "Behind the Bedroom Wall"

They are to read chapters 10, 11, 12 by Monday.  Students are to write journal entries for each chapter.  There will be a reading quiz : )


Vocab - There is no vocab this week









Mrs. Karen Flaherty Homework

Week of February 17, 2020  💘

Monday:  No School! 😍

Tuesday:  No School! 😍

Wednesday:  Volume Mystery Due Friday 2/21. Test on Topic 10 on Monday, 2/24.

Thursday: Volume Mystery Due Friday 2/21. Test on Topic 10 on Monday, 2/24.

Friday: Study! Test on Topic 10 on Monday, 2/24.

If you forget your textbook, the homework pages can be found on the textbook online.

"It's not what you know. It's what you can prove." - Training Day

Ms. Ennis Homework

Week of February 19th:

5th Grade Science

*Always review what we learned in class daily!*  

Monday: No School! (: 

Tuesday: No School! (:

Wednesday: No HW

Thursday: Finish google classroom assignment

Friday: No HW

Important Dates:

Current Event Assignment -- Friday 2/28  (optional article approval by 2/13) 

6th Grade Science

*Always review what we learned in class daily!*  

Monday: No School! (: 

Tuesday: No School! (:

Wednesday: No HW

Thursday: Chapter 1 Lesson 1 Vocab

Friday: Finish lab questions

Important Dates:

Current Event Assignment -- Friday 2/28 


Mrs. Kozas Homework

If a specific homework assignment IS NOT given, then each student should be reviewing the current chapter we are studying and the vocabulary words.  Vocabulary quizzes are NOT announced but will be given within five (5) days of receiving the new chapter's words.

FYI - Study Guides will be optional for 6th grade ONLY starting the third marking period. If a student completes a study guide, he/she can correct it with me during recess or reinforcement period.  Study Guides will be made available to ALL students in my classroom and online
February 19, 2020
Fifth Grade - No homework
Sixth Grade -Study for Ch 11 vocab quiz.






Spanish Homework

Spanish Class Homework

Mrs. Stacey Klesitz Homework


Click Here For Mrs. Klesitz's Homework


Mr. Cocca

All classes have a graphing project due on Thursday, February 20th.  The graph must be completed and the picture colored in.  

Quiz corrections are due on Thursday, 2/20.

February 20:  

6E:  Homework 5.7:  1-6 (all)

6C & 6G:  No homework

February 19:

6C & 6G:  Homework 5.7:  1-6 (all)

6E:  No homework

February 12:

6C:  Homework 5.6:  1-14 (all)

6E & 6G:  No Homework


Amy Fudala Homework


5TH GRADE: Role Model writings are dueTuesday, February 11th. Practice DARE song
Victoria Gaffney Homework

6th Grade:  

No homework

7th Grade: 
Due  Monday, 2/24
Read pp. 238-247.  Define the yellow highlighted words on those pages and answer questions 1-5 on page 242 and 247 in complete sentences.