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Welcome to the Board of Education. Links to meeting minutes, meeting dates and other important information can be accessed by using the buttons to the left.

Board Meetings are normally held the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, however, with school breaks, etc. the schedule does vary slightly. Please click on the Board of Education Meeting Dates for a complete list of dates. Special meetings are held when necessary and notification will be posted.    

Our Mission: The mission of the Boonton Township School district is to provide a solid educational foundation for all students, while challenging them to fulfill their individual potential. This potential is best achieved through a diversified curriculum designed to meet the needs and aspirations of all students, while fostering self-esteem, independent thinking and respect for individual differences.

To accomplish this mission, instruction shall be presented in an exciting manner designed to challenge all levels of capability and encourage, on behalf of our children, a lifetime love and appreciation of learning. For this mission to succeed, all facets of the school and community must work together efficiently.

Board Goals 2019-2020

Board goals constitute a professional development improvement plan directed towards increasing knowledge and skills in policy making and governance for members of the Board.

  1. Engage in meaningful articulation with the Mountain Lakes Board of Education.
  2. Enhance the role and communication of Board committees.
  3. Train together as a full board two times this year.
  4. Strive to celebrate student and staff achievements through a variety of events and media.

District Goals 2019-2020

The Board adopts district-wide goals and performance measures that reflect that highest priority is given to student achievement.

  1. Create and expand programs and  services that enhance the social and emotional wellness of our students within a compassionate learning community.
  2. Articulate with our receiving district to collaborate on curriculum development and the sharing and analysis of student performance data to strengthen our programming and expand our capacity to effectively meet the needs of our students.

  3.  Enhance communications and relationships to engage the community and involve them in the school.


District Digital Mission Statement

The Boonton Township Board of Education believes that in an ever evolving digital society, the school district has a responsibility to insure that both teachers and learners have access to current technology and are trained and supported in its use.  The Board also believes that creating an environment of curiosity and freedom is essential for students to be able to explore and create while using digital tools appropriately to enhance their education and experience in getting ready to participate in a global digital community.  Furthermore, the Board is committed to using available technology as a means for communicating with the school community and the broader public as well as enhancing our brand in the surrounding area.


Boonton Township Board of Education Meeting Schedule

Wednesday, February 19   
Wednesday, March 18  
Wednesday, April 15  

Wednesday, May 6
(Public BudgetHearing/Regular Meeting)

Wednesday, May 20
Wednesday, June 17  
Wednesday, July 22  
Wednesday, August 26  
Wednesday, September 23  
Wednesday, October 28  
Wednesday, November 18  
Wednesday, December 16  
Wednesday, January 6 (2021) 
Reorganization/Regular Meeting



School Election - Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The regular session meetings of the Boonton Township Board of Education are held  in the Rockaway Valley School Library/Media Center (unless otherwise noted), located at 11 Valley Road, Boonton Township, New Jersey. The meeting start time is 7:30pm (unless otherwise noted).

Board Committees:

Facilities/Transportation Finance Negotiations

Melissa Signore, CHR
Jonathan LeVar
Grace McBride
John Sierchio

Barry Brantner, CHR
Jonathan LeVar
Grace McBride
Melissa Signore

John Sierchio, CHR
Barry Brantner
Christine Cabana
Charles Eaton
Personnel/Program Policy Technology

Grace McBride, CHR
John Sierchio
Barry Brantner
Melissa Signore

Catherine Youngman CHR
Ann Bentrovato
Christine Cabana


Charles Eaton, CHR
Barry Brantner
Jonathan LeVar